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2020-10-20How to do 100 Pushups
Can anyone explain what position 3 is?? Is it just a wide push-up?
2020-09-25Ideal Body Proportions
Sandow was so successful at flexing and posing his physique that he later created several ...
2017-09-25How to do 100 Pushups
The best routine that I've seen thus far, is the Army PFT one. Three sets of declines (...
2017-05-02Guide to Bodybuilding Contests
Hilarious post! "Thanks
2017-03-23Bodyfat skinfold measurements
good information. very educative
2016-09-22Ideal Body Proportions
This chart is from Joe Weider's publication Joe Weider's Bodybuilding System 1988, that I ...
2016-04-27Periodization Bench Routine
Did this program after I got over shoulder tendonitis. Before the tendonitis I maxed at ...
2016-02-06Hi-fat Anabolic Diet
Hi all I started the anabolic diet around 5 weeks ago, I initially completed the 2 week ...
2016-01-16Periodization Bench Routine
You will not get the strength if you do each session once per week. You can go back to ...
2015-11-22Basic training form
How to loose some surface area from my aaidmonbl area?How to loose some surface area from ...
2015-11-22How to be Mr. Olympia
these needed to be matrhaon exercises sessions. Un 30 minute brisk walk after every meal ...
2015-11-22Medicine Ball Ab Routine
jogging is an excellent exserice because it let you lose weightevenly throughout your ...
2015-11-22Summary of topics
I know the side effects and the drcneieffe between hgh steroids and stuff like creatine?I ...
2015-11-21Periodization Bench Routine
If I start doing this workout twice a week after i'm done with it will i have to fall ...
2015-11-06Alcohol and Keeping in Shape
How serious are you about your training and do you intend to compete? If you do not ...
2015-09-02Periodization Bench Routine
Can you use this for the squat aswell?
2015-08-23Ideal Body Proportions
Are these measurements supposed to be flexed or relaxed? I believe it is the latter as if ...
2015-07-15Bodybuilding Contest Diet
I know this is an old thread but does this protocol work with female BB as well regarding ...
2015-07-02Training without Equipment
I competed in natural bodybuilding shows. I live on a farm in south africa and its far to ...
2015-04-09Ideal Body Proportions
Do you have any proportion charts for women?


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 hey salut je suis un gars ben ordinaire qui sannreite pour prendre de la masse pis je voulais savoir si tu fais encore du bodybuilding pour avoir de tes conseils. Entk si tu fais encore de la musculation laisse moi savoir jaimerai avoir de tes conseils. ThomKiller From Montreal , Qc
 Hey, I read where someone was looking for former teen champion Paul Harvey. He is a certified personal trainer working with another trainer in California. Here is the link to the website of their company. Has some recent pics of him too...looks like he's really kept up his training.
 Thanks -- I'll let Ole know
 Can somebody post some good work-out motivational phrases
W work work-o
2009-12-06Mike Walker
 I bought this the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack and I am a lot more muscular then I was a year ago, when he first started using

I have tried several testosterone products out there and have found the Dr Max Powers Test Boost to be the best. It is more than twice as potent as the top brand that I could find and has given me more strengh. I have recovered quicker after work outs and have been able to increase my work out times. It has definitely helped with the ladies too. I have been bulking up pretty well since I have been taking it regularly, and lifting weights.
2008-11-04Isaac Eze
 Hi there, I saw your site and am reading your articles. I hope you can point me in the right direction.

I'm a beginner and i have slim body, my goal is to pack on mad Mass and to Grow in general. I have a small frame and im very skinny, but im set on hitting them weights and bulking up.

i just want to know on what kind of food should i to to eat, and how and when to eat it and time to gym and to rest.and what drugs (not hard drug) should i use and how to use it.

Do you have any good sugestions? I appreciate you taking the time to read this e-mail and I hope to hear from you soon. until then, congratulations on your great site.
2008-07-07Rod Grooms
I have just finished your 6-session Periodization routine, then I jumped right into the next 7-week routine. I am 40 years old, and have not lifted much since I was 26. Back then I weighed 165 and benched 325 in competition. Now I am older and fatter. About 185-190lbs. I started lifting again when I turned 40. I just lifted 325 today, after doing your routines back to back. Do you have a routine that you would recommend for me? Any info is appreciated.
 is there photos of the 9 sites for skin fold test?
so i know exactly where to fold
2008-02-03Matt Bee
 Brilliant web site guys, some pics would be good though, diagrams, pics of users working out, descriptive stuff.
 Some Good Rap songs to workout to:

AKON - Ghetto
THE DIPLOMATS - Dipset Anthem
LIL WAYNE - Fireman
THE GAME - Put you on the game
MOP - New Jack City
ONYX - Last Days
YOUNG JEEZY - Straight Out The Rarri
 i am a 15 yr old boy and am doing 100 every 2 days, i have been told that it is wrong if i do my press up quick so i have to do they slow but it is affective.
if there is anymore that i should know about please tell me :)
2007-01-31Brain Lewis
 Thank you for this website it helped me on a school project it also helped me in weight lifting after school. This has helped me very much.
Thank you again for your time for making the website.

Im trying to find some info on Paul Harvey (the teenage bodybuilder). Ive seen some movies of him on youtube and I think hes a great athlete. You got a Paul Harvey link on the page, but it dont seem to work.
Can u guys give me a link to a page with some Paul Harvey info, or at least some info about him?

 I haven't managed to find anything recent... Has anyone else?
2006-12-31Eric Schultz
 Do you know where i can purchase any of the dvds of the world strongest man contests?
 Unfortunately, I do not know of any off-hand, and there seems to be a lot of interest in finding these.

If anyone knows of a source for the strongman videos, let me know and I'll post it. Thanks, Cal.
 do you have any information about mas21 and their website. i used to be a client but i cant seem to contact them through my old links
 I just trained for a bench press competition,and my 1 rep max 275lbs.I am looking for a 12 week program to raise my bench press to 315.Ive looked at certain web sites and i cannot find anything.I will be training for another bench press competiton in November and i would like to press 315 at body weight 192. Could you please help me.
 Hi there, I saw your site and read your articles. I hope you can point me in the right direction.

I'm a beginner, my goal is to pack on mad Mass and to Grow in general. I have a small frame and im very skinny, but im set on hitting them weights and bulking up.

I have a good workout schedule...

but I am somewhat confused about supplementation.

Do you know of any good products or combination of products to 1) raise HGH levels significantly and 2) raise testosterone levels significanly? There are so many products out there that claim great results, but do you know of any that REALLY work for raising HGH or Test. that you could recommend?

I have heard alot about Androstenedione and Amino acids, such as Arginine, though they dont tell you what dossage..

Do you have any good sugestions? I appreciate you taking the time to read this e-mail and I hope to hear from you soon. until then, congratulations on your great site. ..Phil
2006-04-07iron bone
 Good day,
I like you programme set up and would like to the us for training. please give me some details on what to do.
Iron Bone
 I was working on a heavy metal workout CD for my boyfriend's birthday and I needed a few more songs. So, while searching song lists, I came across this site. You're website helped me out a great deal! Thanks!
 Thanks for your information.
2005-06-08Big T

Cool web site, it's one of my "favorites." I use weight training to clear my mind before work. Being an IT pro, I can say this site rocks compared to most.



2005-04-05Raymond Bianchini



I find your site to be a great ressource due to the variety of information that is provided there. Keep up the good work.



2005-01-12Brad "Yogi" Barra

Its nice to see some familiar names are still out there and getting stronger.


WOW! what a great resource. Have bookmarked it. Awesome site. Keep it up!

2004-12-28Canis Lupus Bailey

You guys have turn this site into an excellent fountain of knowledge, it's greatly appreciated. Yet I kinda miss some of the old crazy dungeon stuff you had as well, are you planning on adding it later? Regardless keep up the great work that you do!


Thanks for the comments! As for the old Iron Dungeon stuff, I'm bringing it all back... PS> I'm just one person :) Cal.

2004-11-20Richard Hargreaves

Keep up the good work! kind regards
Richard Hargreaves
1984 Mr Australia

2004-06-10Hans-eggerich Lenschau

Great site
all best Hans-eggerich Lenschau

2003-10-21BEN C



Hi Cal,
Your site is the bomb. Ive started work at a new job where evryone goes to the gym and they are all either big as heck or superfit. I been wanting to start working out and your site has given me some excellent pointers.. especially the "Back to basics" series. The 'honest' advice is awesome. I am lean (180 lbs, 6ft 2)and want to gain wieght so the eating pointers are the best. Well thats all for now thanx. c-ya

2002-09-18Don Copeland

I have spent countless hours searching for information on supplements, training excersisies, nutrition etc. This site provides the unknowledged bodybuilder positive insight into the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of bodybuilding. Thanks for all of it.


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