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Comparison of Photo Catalog Software

The following is a summary of the popular photo database / cataloging programs available today, with the main features of each. It should help in trying to compare the differences in important features from a product vs product comparison. Most of the programs are true catalogs (with keyword support), but I have included some which should be more appropriately called "image browsers" (which rely on filesystem organization). I have not included the editing functionality in this chart, but may do so later.

Note: Photo catalog software is also sometimes refered to as: digital asset management, image database, photo album software, digital picture album, thumbnail browser, graphic organizer, etc.

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Key to Table
VS Versioning Support: multiple file grouping (eg. print, web, edit, original, etc.), not simple revision control. See differences between versioning support below.
CA Catalog or simply a browser? If Y, has full support for keywords / categories. If N, relies on user to locate images through a Windows-explorer type interface.
SC Scripting language that allows one to extract and manipulate full database view.
OS Operating system: M=Mac, P=PC
RW Camera RAW file formats (viewing)
CM Color managed display.
VER Latest version along with release date. Note that if the last release was a long time ago, you might be getting yourself into a dead-end or poorly-supported product.
Trial SW = Shareware.


If there are certain features or products that you feel are important to incorporate in the following software versus software comparison, please leave a comment below.

Product Vendor Cost Forum Trial? OS CA VS CM RW SC Comments
ACDSee ACD Systems $49.99 Forum Yes P Y N N [4] Y N 9 reviews
ACDSee Pro ACD Systems $129.99 Forum Yes P Y N Y Y N 1 reviews
Aperture Apple $299.00 Forum ? M Y N Y Y ? 5 reviews
ArkiPix ArkiPix $140.00   14 day P Y N N N N Add your review!
BreezeBrowser BreezeSys $49.95 Y Yes [1] P N N N Y N Add your review!
BreezeBrowser Pro BreezeSys $69.95 Y Yes [1] P N N Y Y N 2 reviews
Bridge Adobe Bundled Forum N PM N Y Y Y Y 2 reviews
Cataloguer CML Software $25.00   30 day P ? ? ? ? ? 6 reviews
CompuPic Photodex $39.95   15 day P N N N N N 2 reviews
CompuPic Pro Photodex $79.95   15 day P N N N N N 2 reviews
Product Vendor Cost Forum Trial? OS CA VS CM RW SC Comments
Cumulus Canto $200.00 Forum Yes PM Y N [3] Y N [3] Y 9 reviews
DigitalPro ProShooters $179.00 Forum Yes P Y N Y Y N 2 reviews
Expression Media Microsoft $299.00 Forum 60 day PM Y N Y Y Y 1 reviews
FastStone Image Viewer FastStone FREE   FREE P N N Y Y N 3 reviews
FotoAlbum Pro FotoTime $29.95 Forum 21 day P Y N Y Y N Add your review!
FotoStation FotoWare $65.00 Forum 30 day P N N N N N 1 reviews
FotoStation Pro FotoWare $599.00 Forum 30 day PM Y N Y Y N 1 reviews
idImager Personal idPlanner $59.00 Forum 21 day P Y Y Y Y Y 4 reviews
idImager Pro idPlanner $89.00 Forum 21 day P Y Y Y Y Y 3 reviews
IMatch Photools $59.95 Forum 30 day P Y N [2] Y Y Y 12 reviews
Product Vendor Cost Forum Trial? OS CA VS CM RW SC Comments
iPhoto Apple $79.00 Forum No M Y N N Y N 2 reviews
Irfanview irfan skiljan FREE Forum FREE P N N Y Y N Add your review!
iView Media Replaced by Expression $49.00 Forum 21 day PM Y N N N N 2 reviews
iView Media Pro Replaced by Expression $199.00 Forum 21 day PM Y N Y Y Y 6 reviews
Lightroom Adobe $299.00 Forum Y PM Y Y Y Y 3rd party 4 reviews
MaPiVi Martin Herrmann FREE   FREE PM Y N N N N 1 reviews
MediaDex MediaDex $79.95 Forum 30 day PM Y N Y Y N 4 reviews
PFS Manager ProFoto Software $49.00   30 day P N N N N N Add your review!
Photo Album Corel $29.00 Forum Yes P Y N N N N 3 reviews
Photo Mechanic CameraBits $150.00 Forum 20 day PM N N Y Y N 5 reviews
Product Vendor Cost Forum Trial? OS CA VS CM RW SC Comments
Photoshop Album 2 Adobe $49.99 Forum Yes P Y N N N N 6 reviews
Photoshop Album SE Adobe FREE Forum FREE P Y N N N N Add your review!
Photoshop Elements Adobe $89.99 Forum 30 day PM Y Y Y Y N 12 reviews
PicaJet PicaJet FREE   FREE P Y N N N N 1 reviews
PicaJet FX PicaJet $39.95   15 day P Y N N N N 6 reviews
Picasa Google FREE Forum FREE P N N N Y N 12 reviews
PixVue PixVue FREE   FREE P Y N N Y N 2 reviews
Portfolio Extensis $199.95 Forum 30 day PM Y N N Y Y 6 reviews
Smart Pix Manager Xequte $39.50 Forum SW P Y [5] N ? Y N 1 reviews
StudioLine Photo Basic StudioLine FREE Forum FREE P Y N Y Y N Add your review!
Product Vendor Cost Forum Trial? OS CA VS CM RW SC Comments
StudioLine Photo Classic StudioLine $59.00 Forum Y P Y N Y Y N 1 reviews
ThumbsPlus Cerious $49.95 News 30 day P Y N Y N N 4 reviews
ThumbsPlus Pro Cerious $89.95 News 30 day P Y N Y Y Y 3 reviews
Zoner Photo Studio Pro Zoner $99.00 Forum Y P ? ? Y Y N Add your review!


  • [1] Trial is watermarked, only first 12 photos in folder.
  • [2] No native support for versioning in release 3.4.30, however scripting can allow one to keep tags current between versions. See my Manage Versions script, which is designed to be a workaround until the software provides native support for versioning. It is widely believed that the next release of IMatch might integrate native version support. Other products that have similar extensive scripting could also add such a workaround.

    [01/29/05] Mario Westphal announced version support in the next version (ie. IMatch 3.5). In early 2006, version 3.5 was released but unfortunately, it never incorporated version support. It's not clear when this feature will be available.
  • [3] RAW is in extra "Photo Suite" $49.95 add-on. Versioning in "Vault" $1295 add-on. Free Viewer for others, but only create with $495 Viewer option.
  • [4] Color Management only supported with "photoPro" plugin ($39.99).
  • [5] Looks primarily like an image browser, but has support for keywords.

Other features that I would like to incorporate into the matrix are: Editing capabilities, offline image support, importing, printing, duplicate detection.

If you are aware of any corrections or additional details, please let me know in the form below.

Book on Digital Asset Management

Having spent considerable time researching topics relating to digital asset management, I have been surprised by how few books cover this important aspect of digital photography. Recently, I read Peter Krogh's excellent The DAM Book, and would certainly recommend picking up a copy if you're looking for more detail (the companion site has an active community forum).

Versioning: Revision Control vs Multi-file Versions

It is easy to become confused when trying to determine whether or not a particular product supports "version control" and what exactly this means. There are two closely related types of version control, but the differences are significant.

Revision Control

Revision control is simply a mechanism that tracks and stores multiple linear versions of a single file. One might edit a photo and then save it. This is stored as the current version of the file (say 1.1). At a later stage, one opens up the same file and decides to make a further edit. When this further edit is saved into the database, it is kept as version 1.2. Version 1.1 (before the recent modification) is still stored on the drive, and can be recalled by checking-out a previous version of the single file. This is commonly used with documents and source code, but some catalog programs have also incorporated support for this mechanism. Although it adds value for the first version (from original to first edit), it seems less useful for further versions, unless one had a huge number of edits to make over time and wanted to gradually roll in changes. At any point in time, one could roll-back the changes to the last known good state. Generally, all tags will be attached to all revisions as they are in fact referring to the same file. Programs supporting this are marked with a N in the VS column above.

Unfortunately, the problem most photographers face is not one of linear version control, but control over multiple parallel branches / developments from the same original photo. This is where multi-file versions comes into play.

Multi-file Versions

Multi-file versioning (not sure of an appropriate or accepted name for this, although one reader has mentioned the similarities to branched version control) is the ability to associate multiple seperate files with the same original. This allows for parallel streams of development, and also allows for sequential streams (if one were to create additional copies). The key point here is that a catalog program that supports this will need to associate tags with all files that are related to the same source / original. These multiple files are often created to develop versions of an image for different targets. Examples include: one version for the web, another for print, another for color correction, etc.

Unfortunately, there are very few catalog programs that have native support for this feature. Such programs are marked with a Y in the VS column above.

Comparison of Versioning Approaches

The following section will identify the different levels of support for image versioning in the catalog products indicated above. The table lists only those programs that either have native integrated support or those that provide enough scripting to accomplish the multiple-version tag maintenance.

Please see my discussion of multiple version support in catalog programs.

Product Approach Comments
IMatch 3.6 ? Unreleased - Unknown

Mario Westphal announced (as of 01/29/05) version support in the next release of IMatch (3.5). When it was finally released (Feb 2006), it did not have the promised version support. It is not clear yet what approach will be used or when it will become available.

See Mario's initial comments on IMatch 3.5. (Though some of these items are clearly waiting for a future release).

Photoshop Elements 3 Native support Implementation of both version sets and image stacks (collections of photos on the same object).
idImager Native support Provides a good implementation of multi-file versioning (not revision control). It groups files into a single entity and allows one to simply drag and drop other versions (even from Windows Explorer) into the "Show Registered Versions" window. In the "Catalog" view it only displays the "Originals", while in "Media" view, it will display all. Now implements a Version Detection Wizard which will find the duplicates which may be additional derivative images.
iView Media Pro Revision control only Only revision control, allowing one to rollback to a previous edit on a file.
Photoshop Album 2 Edit control only Only supports invokation of editing, and replaces entry in catalog with edited version.
DigitalPro Only JPEG+RAW Catalog keeps JPEG & RAW files associated together.
PhotoArchiver Native support Appears to properly support derivative images / multi-file versioning and possibly revision control. Can also associate other non-picture files with an image.
Photo Mechanic Only JPEG+RAW Catalog keeps JPEG & RAW files associated together.

Placeholder or Proxy Assets in a catalog

Very few programs support the notion of a placeholder asset. A placeholder is simply an element in the database that doesn't exist (yet). It might represent a missing photo, or a entire roll of film that you have yet to scan in.

Even though the original asset may not exist on your drive, it is still useful to have the ability to add keywords and organize such images / placeholders. The database program itself should not care, and it would be incredibly simple to implement such a feature. I imagine that this is not a feature that many people ask for, except in corporate situations where there may be many types of assets under control, many of which may not be transferred to the computer.

Even if the catalog program doesn't natively support such a feature, it would be fairly easy to simulate it's behavior, provided that the application supports the concept of offline relocation. Simply create a dummy image / thumbnail which you add into the database, once for each offline placeholder asset. You can tag and categorize at will. If you ever want to bring in the actual element, then you can relocate the item to your hard drive, which will resample the image thumbnail and metadata.


Reader's Comments:

Please leave your comments or suggestions below!
2018-01-27Sherwood Botsford
 Aperture. Definite yes for CA. Indexes EXIF, IPTC too. Allows complex searches.
Definite No for versions. You can have multiple non-destructive edits of a single master, but metadata is not carried over.
 Thanks for the update Sherwood!
 Which of these programs has the ability to burn your files to CD/DVD/BluRay and keep track of which disk they are on?

Thanks for putting this information together.
 Thank you for this compilation. Very helpful!

I am working on my family photos and would like to create an archive of all my photos with captions for my family so that everyone in the pictures is identified and a short paragraph or so can be written about each photo for posterity.

I don't want my photos on someone else's server, so I'm looking for software. I need something that mimics an actual photo album - but can't find anything that looks like that. I don't want to do any fru-fru scrapbooking, just make sure the photos have information captions. Does anything come to mind?

I work off a PC.

Many thanks to you for this great list.
 Most of the photo catalog programs will let you add a general description for each photo (in addition to tagging individuals in each) and can run on your own computer without an offset server. These programs usually have a preview / fullscreen mode that will be somewhat little like a photo album. I'd recommend taking a look at Adobe Photoshop Album or Photo Supreme.
 The sudden death of the very advanced REAL DAM tool IDimager was announced by the author in the IDI forum on 18th September 2012. Another product PhotoSupreme from this company has much less features and is not (yet?) a real alternative.
 Oh, this is very disappointing news, considering I am currently using IDimager... I would be interested in seeing a detailed feature comparison of IDI and PS.
2012-08-20fx community
 You made it easier to find the tools that we need.Thanks for the effort.
 Glad that it was useful!
 This is a super summary of products and features. It looks like it may have originally been published in 2006, but has been updated from readers' comments, etc. Thanks to the author!
One of the commenters mentioned he was seeking a software that supported NAS. I didn't see a specific response. Are there some products that are better suited to managing catalogue of stock photos? I seek a true catalogue function, with keyword and other searches.
2012-04-25Chris Johnston
 Media Lightbox ( is worth a try. I've found it good.
2011-09-27René Damkot
 Another one:

Used to use it to find files in a CD archive, but apparently it evolved and can now also import iView catalogs...
 I am looking for software to catalog stock photos for marketing dept..I don't need to be able to edit the photos, just something to group the photos and help me find them. Can you suggest anything? Most of the software I see above seems to be geared more toward photographers rather than marketing. Thanks.
2011-03-15Peter Duke
 I was interested to see the comparison of different photo database software, but there was no field or fields for presentation of the data. For example, slideshow on PC, export of self running slideshows on DVD, export to web, etc.

Perhaps you see presentation software as a separate category of software, but you must view your photos somehow; how do you do it? What are the best products?

Ideally the two categories of software should be combined or integrated such that the viewing software can access the captions, tags and comments in the database software, and display this as desired.

Many software viewers will display EXIF data, proprietory format captions, etc. but usually over the the top of the image. I would like such info to be presented at the side of a portrait format image or underneath a landscape format image (or perhaps on another page) so that the image is not hidden at all. The person viewing should also be free to step on or back at will, and not be forced to watch each image for a preset period of time.

What I am looking for is an electronic and preferably portable version of the old familiar photo album with comments written alongside each photo. If the database and viewer were located in a device like an ebook reader, then it would also be portable, but I would also like the option of viewing on a large TV screen as well.
 XnView is a free photo manager with RAW support. It's also being followed up with XnViewMP (Multi Platform) which will use the same code base for Win/Lin/Mac.
 A few others:

PicaJet is going to be replaced at some time by - PC - PC Mac Linux but development appears to have stopped (Like PicaJet) - PC - PC

Some Linux programs are described at
 That's great! Thanks

I need photo catalog software.
The requirements are ;
- Opportunity to create own fields to a picture, eg. Dentist Name, Patient Name, Social security name, Quality, ZIP code, XXXX, YYYY, Data etc.
- Possibility to run from a NAS, with both PC and Mac connection.
- Multiple search functions e.g. Google Search. That is able to search my fields.
- All formats JPG and RAW.
 Canto Cumulus Single-User Upgrade (Prod ID 80101US) price is now USD200.
2010-04-24Glenn Rogers
 An excellent photo catalog system missing from the list is DBGallery: The Photo DATAbase System, found at
2010-03-11Ed Yap
 There's a version of Picasa for Mac.
 There is still no mention of IrfanView, Zoner Photo Studio or StudioLine in your list. Do you plan to update it?
StudioLine Basic and IrfanView are free, and definitely worth a mention.
 Added. Thanks!
 Thanks for a great article. It would be even better if two other attributes are included:

- Flexibility in renaming (and creating) folders and files WHILE importing from a card.

- Felexibility of keywording and finding imported files.

Take CS3 Bridge as an example. It can only import all the folders on a card to a single existing location. If shot with RAW+jpeg, there is no way to import files of each format to two separate folders. This means that after importing, separate folders and files have to be renamed and moved manually.

OTOH, Bridge's support of key wording of the imported files is very good, making searching easy.
 Great database - excellent work!

Am a Lightroom user, so some observations to share:
- It is a catalog
- Linear revision control and Multi-file Versions can both be achieved by "editing on Virtual Copies" - i.e. for each digital negative (original file), user can create a few versions (virtual copies) for different usage. Metadata/annotations are not shared among such virtual copies, but can be easily 'copy and paste'.
- Color managed display is effective in Lightroom
- It has scripting language -- there are 3rd party software utilising LR catalog (e.g. ImageIngester

One suggestion: it would be useful to see another column which tells which product support video files cataloging.
 Great -- thanks for the corrections Bozkov!
There are some mistakes in the comparison tables.
Photoshop Album, Lightroom and Bridge are NOT free software.

Photoshop Album: no longer supported, replaced by Photoshop Elements, $99.99 (

Lightroom: $299 (

Bridge: not shipped as separate product, part of Creative Suite. (
 Thanks for the update, Alexander. Photoshop Album SE is still free, though its primary functionality has been superseded by the Organizer within Photoshop Elements. Lightroom used to be "free" as a beta temporarily, but that has been replaced by the full commercial product (tabled updated accordingly). I have also marked Bridge as Bundled, which would be more appropriate.
Thanks for the great work, I love your pages.
My photo index has native version support from the current Beta version. available free at
 Thanks Asaf -- it's great to see another free alternative.
 It looks like Adobe Lightroom 2 meets all of the features listed except for perhaps SC.
 Thanks for the update.
 I am trying to find best software for indexing/cataloging about 300 DVD's so when I look on my system and want a picture it will tell me which DVD I want, I put the DVD in and it opens up that image.

Can anyone recommend something like this?
2008-09-06Marion Taylor
 FYI - in response to your comment about proxy or placeholder asset.

Using IMatch, I created proxy images, and populate the IPTC fields. For my purposes, I don't intend to go back and add images. I used this as a way to integrate info from my family calendar into my photo database. I created EXIF date fields so the data would sort into the right time sequence.

Someday, I'd like to use icon images for these - so that a note about travel would have an image of a suitcase, a note about going to the zoo could have an animal, etc. But I have lots to do before I have time to address this nuance!

Thank you for sharing your good research with us
 Thanks Marion!
2008-08-12Carlos Galindo
 Thanks for your useful page. I have one remaining question. I need an image cataloguer to deal with more than 100,000 images. Can you recommend some?

Thanks in advance
 id love to see some linux offerings here. im currently using digikam and kphotoalbum alongside F-spot, and looking for something else.
 Thanks for pointing out some of the LINUX cataloging programs -- I don't have much experience in that area, so hopefully others can share their thoughts.
 Have you look at Microsoft's Live Photo Gallery (or the Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista)?
 Just a wee note to say the IDimager Lite (free version) is now no longer offered at their website.

Thanks. Andrew
 Thanks for the update.

Studioline's PhotoClassic should be definitely added to the chart!
2007-12-20Cory Christman
 One of the things that I am most concerned with is the ability to link to offline archives, ie DVDs that have been burned. Can you recommend a product that does this and is Mac based with Raw support.

I am nearing 100K images and really cant afford the Harddrive space for Raw/Jpeg files.

 Hi Cal,

Just a short note to inform you that IDimager V4 was released today.

Forum Posting
Release Notes

 Looks great, Hert! Thx.
2007-08-08Dan D.

First of all THANK YOU for such an incredible collection of information on this website!! Truly exceptional.

One of my primary concerns in my selection of Photo Catalogue software is the ability to export my data and subsequently import it into another database at some point in the future. I expect to be needing Photo Catalogue software for several decades, and since any software application's expected lifetime is likely shorter than that the need to transfer my years of data sometime down the road is quite high.

Any thoughts/info on this?

Dan D.
 That is a very valid concern. Thankfully, nearly all recent (popular) digital asset management programs (DAM) support some means of transferring out keyword assignments. In the most basic form, this is through writing back IPTC keywords / categories into the files (or writing this info into to "sidecar" XMP files that accompany the photos). More sophisticated programs also offer the option of scripting or enable you to write out the database data directly to a text file of a known format.

In my case, I rely on IPTC metadata write-back for this purpose. It is the most widely-used mechanism for exchanging your keywords between software packages, and most catalog programs provide a means for synchronizing between the IPTC data and the database's view of your category assignments.

You are doing a quintessential job on your DAM review pages!

I would sincerely appreciate your expertise in picking out a DAM from among my top five that I have narrowed down using your reviews:

  • Picajet+ RoboImport (RoboImport is similar to Photo Mechanic)
  • Expression Media (Microsoft's new product - formerly Iview Media Pro)
  • Photoshop Elements (if it's not slow to browse high res images, otherwise it goes to the bottom of the list)
  • IMatch
  • IdImager
I am looking for a product that will let me complete the following workflow easily and efficiently:

    • Import images from cards, CDs, DVDs, etc.
    • Auto create folders and subfolders based on customizable template import options
    • Auto correct to 300 dpi
    • Allow batch renaming of files according to year, event/person/place and unique ID number based on customizable template options
    • Allow batch-editing of ITPC data and embed it in jpgs and tiffs based on customizable template options
    • Auto backup images from data source to 2 folders that could include 1 or 2 external hard drives
    • Auto delete images from data card after performing the prior operations
    • Fast preview generations of thumbnails of jpg, tiff, psd, ai, and proprietary RAW files and inclusion of movie formats as well
    • Fast 5 star ranking of photos
    • Fast addition of keywords, labels/categories
    • Fast and easy slideshow for clients based on folder images
  3. EDIT (in Photoshop)
  4. REPURPOSE (Image stacks or similar versioning technique so all image versions can be resized and seen alongside the original)
    • Original 300 dpi image
    • Print sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and wallet)
    • Web
    • Auto optimization for E-mail
    • Allow remote user to browse and rate photos and note printing sizes (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, etc.) and number of prints for each image - I know that this remote access might not be easy with these products, but I would like it to be.:-)

Do you think Picajet + RoboImport, Expression Media, Photoshop Elements, IMatch or IdImager would best suit what I am looking for?

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Have an excellent day Calvin!
 I have tried MediaboardOne and had a few questions prior to purchase. I got zero respone from them.

This seems to be the same response as others have received. Obviously I did not buy it and wouldn't recommend, unless you prefer to have no support.
2007-06-08Hertwig van Zwietering
 Hi Cal,

A short note to mention that IDimager V4 went into public beta. This version will be released next September but currently the beta is downloadable for the public.

More info can be found here.

 Thanks Hert, that's great! I am very keen to try out your latest release with my database as soon as I've got it organized in preparation for import to IDi.
2007-06-06Bob Nason
 Great Info, well done.

New kid on the block that might be worth looking at for some people is PhotoStudio Darkroom from Arcsoft

 Thanks Bob -- As a photo browser, it looks very reasonable. One feature that stands out is the non-destructive editing workflow.
 This site has not mentioned MediaBoard ONE.

It's for both Mac & PC-- I chose it over all the others... I just hope they develop mutli-file / version tracking... the way Lightroom stacks multi-files.
 It's nice to see another cross-platform solution available. Thanks for pointing it out.
2007-05-21Rakesh Mathur
 We need a catalog software with data base.
 Hi Rakesh -- many of these programs will let you export your catalog into a database. What type of database are you looking for?
 I personnally use a program not listed in this comparison, JRiver Media Center 12 (

Initially its main purpose was to manage audio but with the version 12 it does a really good job with images.

I was using iView Media Pro before, but MC is far more flexible. You can add custom fields, create specific views, smartlists ...

For the moment it s only drawback is its speed to display RAW files but it has considerably been improved over the last version.

I really encourage you to try it out !
 Well, I am still evaluating software products for my project. I like Portfolio, but it is missing a few things that I would like. I did find the following program mentioned at the Irfanview site, but had never heard of it before: Where Is It?. It does have a companion viewing program, but I have never heard of it. It seems very basic, but that may work well for my "clients". Has anybody heard of this program?
 The application does provide reasonable support for a wide array of file types, unlike most photo-centric cataloging programs. Offering description plugins is a great idea.

As an aside, the paragraph at the bottom of the Where Is It page regarding Year 2000 (Y2K) is pretty amusing. I don't think people are worried much about this issue anymore!
2007-04-23Mike Novello
 Imabas has an english page now, please look at:
PixAndMore and the feature list.

The users manual is still in german, but the software is installable in german and english.

Bye, Mike
 Would you consider the new version of Adobe Lightroom a cataloging software?

How do you think it compares to ACDsee which I am currently using?
 A quick update. I tried XnView, but it was a bit crude and lacked almost any documentation about the categories features. I did not yet try ACDSee. I contacted Extensis about Portfolio, and they said that their Browser program would have limited function without Quicktime installed, but it would at least work. I wish the same could be said for iView. Its a nice program, but their customer support is not to my liking. I'll try and post more if I find out anything noteworthy. Thanks again for the suggestions.
Latest XnView has categories and U3 version / is runnable from CD.
Also there is U3 version of ACDSee 7.
 Hello again Calvin,
I posted the following at to see if anybody there had any suggestions, and the only response was to look at iView Media Pro. I know this is a similar request that I posted earlier, but I was wondering if anybody here had any alternate suggestions.

"I am looking for software that can be installed onto a thumb drive, or burned onto a CD, along with thumbnail images that can then be presented to (internal) clients. What I want is to be able to present a thumbnail catalog of an image data bank, but I would like the catalog to have the ability to be searched by catagories or tags by the client.

I am familiar with the category structure used in iMatch, and would love to have something similar, but this is not a requirement. Most of the programs are either portable, but do not offer this cataloging feature, or they offer the feature, but are not portable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the web, but have had little success in finding possible candidates. Thanks!"


 Roy suggested that you add Imabas ( from PixAndMore but neglected to mention that the app and the entire site is only available in german.
Even translated, its not clear what the system requirements are.
 You're right -- I posted the comment just minutes before I left to Cambodia and in that time I couldn't find any english summary. Without this, it is difficult to discern the feature set, requirements and whether or not it is localized for English operation. Adding such a page would be quite helpful.
2007-02-07Roy Baker
 Please add Imabas ( from PixAndMore. It's 100% SQL-Database, with a lot of features. It supports various databases, please take a look :-)

Regards, Roy
 >> If anyone is familiar with it, please feel free to respond.

Hi Cal,
IDimager Pro uses a SQLServer database that can be shared with different IDimager installations.
 Excellent -- that's great to hear!
 What is the best catalog software to run over a network with about 10-15 users at the same time accessing the same database, I tried iview, love this program but cant make changes while someone else has the database open????
 Good question -- I have not looked into the concurrent user capabilities of these apps. If anyone is familiar with it, please feel free to respond.
 Another one worth mentioning - Zoner PhotoStudio, currently at v8 in English and v9 in native Czech.

It has catalog based on IPTC keywords, supports color management and RAW formats. Flexible interface, quite complete IPTC/EXIF, editing and output possibilites, supports GPS info (v9).

No scripting nor versioning though.


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