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[Unrated] 2012-12-11  

Aperture 3.4.1:

Pros:Vastly improved UI, performance, features. Most cost effective Mac solution @ $80 in the Mac App Store.

Cons:Still missing lens correction, plugin access to raw data, layers.

[Unrated] 2012-12-11 Link Review by ??? of

Review by Travel Photographers Network of Aperture 3:

Comparison of Aperture 3 to Lightroom 3. Posted just weeks before Lightroom 4 was released. Lightroom 4 catches up to Aperture in some areas, still behind in others. Lightroom offers some features not available in Aperture.

2005-12-19 Link Review by creativepro of Apple Aperture 1.0. Very detailed review. Overall summary indicated great interface and features, but might be worth waiting for next version.

2005-12-04 Link Review by Ars Technica of Aperture 1.0

A great detailed review with an overall negative conclusion.

I am genuinely angry for those who shelled out US$500 for a program that promised professional results and failed to deliver. Thanks for coming out Aperture, now get off the stage.

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