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2014-08-24JPEGsnoop - Version HistoryNew
2014-08-24Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding UtilityRelease 1.7.0
2011-04-11Digital PhotographyDo-it-Yourself Offsite BackupUpdated dynamic IP section.
2011-04-01Digital PhotographyEXIF Orientation and RotationUpdated diagrams
2010-11-13Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop Open Source CodeSource available
2010-05-27Iron DungeonAdding Pushups to your Chest RoutineNew!
2010-02-07Digital PhotographyUndelete your Photos! 
2009-05-01Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - OptionsNew
2009-03-27Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - Identify Edited Photos 
2008-11-10Digital PhotographyJPEGsnoop - Interesting UsesUpdated forensic notes


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2014-08-13JPEGsnoop - Interesting Uses
This is definitely a wonderful tool for ...
2014-08-10JPEG Chroma Subsampling
Excellent article. I have observed that chroma ...
2014-07-22JPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding Utility
I have about 430 JPEG wedding images that looked ...
2014-06-15JPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding Utility
thank for your page,
2014-05-31How to do 100 Pushups
To James- You take a rest break where specified. ...
2014-05-23Quantization Table Lookup
Hi Is there any MATLAB command to get access ...
2014-05-22JPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding Utility
Hey, I love the program, but just one quick ...
2014-05-21JPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding Utility
Fantastic program, very impressive functionality! ...
2014-05-21JPEGsnoop - JPEG Decoding Utility
FFMPEG full scale JPEG YUV 422, 444 cannnot be ...
2014-05-17How to do 100 Pushups
do we take breaks after each set; for example ...



Digital Photography

Everything you need to know about digital photography. Articles on digital photography workflow, JPEG compression, file naming strategies, photo cataloging software (digital asset management), photo software reviews, equipment reviews and archiving the digital photos on CD or DVD.

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The Iron Dungeon - Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and Weight Training articles on a wide range of topics including exercises, nutrition, supplements and humor!

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Freediving / Apnea

Ever wondered what it's like to do breath-hold diving, swimming 100ft in a breath of air, or holding your breath for six minutes?

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Travel & Adventure Stories

Stories from travels around the world.

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Photo Gallery

A photo gallery focusing on portraits / fashion, and travels around the world, experiencing different cultures.

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